What We Do

We are a specialist independent consultancy providing a bespoke service in public safety and policing which is designed to meet our client's needs.

We provide advice on funding processes for the police service that are linked to both local and national planning applications


We provide support and advice on income generation for the police service


We are able to design and deliver training on a wide range of evidence based policing topics with a key focus on neighbourhood policing, community engagement and successful partnerships.


We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in delivering a wide range of policing and public safety initiatives.


Specialist Planning Advice

Income Generation


Policing Initiatives


Our Process










Worked both nationally and internationally designing and delivering training for police officers and senior executives on leadership, critical incident management, decision making and community policing.


Provided operational support and advice in the Middle East to a government developing a business continuity and resilience framework. We also designed to blueprint and concept of operations for a Transport Coordination Centre designed to manage an integrated transport system and respond to major incidents on the network.

Transport Coordination and Business Resilience Strategy

Designed, developed and delivered Londons Neighbourhood Policing Programme, substantially reducing levels of crime and disorder across the capital. 

Neighbourhood Policing

Case Studies

Designed and developed business process and blueprint for national roll out of Video Enabled Justice (VEJ).

Video Enabled Justice

Supported a global technology company in the design and development of a body worn camera system for police officers which incorporated an evidence management system and an intelligence database.

Body Worn Cameras

Wide range of experience in strategic and operational partnerships and structured problem solving processes mainly focused on delivering community cohesion, crime reduction and other core policing activities. 

Partnerships and Problem Solving

Director for Londons Criminal Justice Reform Programmes, including intergrated offender management, streamline forensic reporting and electronic file transfer.

Criminal Justice Reform Programme

Provided support and advice to a UK energy company involved in the development of one of the largest nuclear power stations reviewing the police impact assessment and providing expert evidence at the hearing. Our involvement resulted in a significant reduction in the planned policing costs.

Section 106 

Planning Application

Worked with a major consultancy to develop the blueprint for a transport policing command and integrate this within existing policing and partner structures in the Middle East. The structure incorporated a neighbourhood policing model working with communities and partners to tackle local issues.

Transport Policing Command